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Paula Flores participated with two installations

Art & Science Student Paula Flores was invited to participate in the ibiennale in Honolulu by the Director of the ibiennale: KJ Baysa.

Artropocene, the inaugural iBiennale, presenting sixty-five artists from seventeen countries, will be staged from 9 until 24 March 2019. The art summit is an exciting opportunity for artists in Hawai'i to interface with art practitioners and experts from around the globe. It will take place at the Ycenter for Visual Arts in the Iwilei-Kapalama neighborhood of Honolulu, Hawai'i. The summit is co-chaired by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis.
Artropocene: iBiennale MMXIX -The Artist in the Age of Social Responsibility and Activism is an itinerant and island-based art and culture event, adapted from the definition of the geologic epoch with the greatest human influence on the environment.
Source: ibiennale 2019 press release.

Paula Flores' statement:

I presented two installations.

The installation titled 40 is a habitable shrine for a conscious interaction between microorganisms and humans.

Creating the possibility to map the interactions that take place. The act of recollecting and putting together the shrine becomes a ritual where I start this conscious act of thinking about the existence of other organisms, even the ones invisible to the naked human eye  and I thank them for their existence. To thank them I will build this housing. A place that allows us and may let us get closer to being aware that we are part of a whole. That we have never been the owners of this universe and that we can´t exist alone as a homogenic mono species.


A shrine for a shrine
The man shouted "Take the life out". Before that demand there used to be a shrine. A place to thank and make a conscious exchange with bacteria. A moment to acknowledge their existence and the importance of it for life. Now we stand in front of it´s remains. Outlines mark the reflection of their habitat. Ghost that depend on perspective.


It stands as an arqueological site. With letters put together that state theories of what was there.

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March 09, 2019