The uncertain straight

Cuántico Exhibition

"The uncertain straight" is the first Cuántico Exhibition. It will take place at WasserWasser, an off space for art and music located on the 15th Viennese district. Opening on the 18th of May 2019 at 7pm.

The exhibition “the uncertain straight” shows the work of three female artists working on the intersection between art and physics. The projects are the development of research done combining scientific and artistic knowledge. The display of the three works together proposes an immersion into the world of natural sciences from an artistic perception, opening a discussion around the role of arts in science, the role of science in arts and the role of female approach around these topics. A journey through particle physics, astrophysics, space, the body, and the elements. Organic and inorganic. Mind and matter. 
Monica LoCascio - LoCascio employs the repetitive micro-movements of embroidery as a means of examining the processes with which the human experience can be recorded in relation to time, memory, space and perception. The stitching pattern is based on her understanding of the thermodynamics and non-linearity of time. Thread color and length are determined by both requested external suggestion as well by her own synesthetic translations of the events she is recording. 
Denise Schellmann - The intuitive flow of her graphic examination is characterized by the merging of visible and inner dots, lines and shapes. It is a vibrating meshwork of surfaces, depths and in-betweens, a language of polarities – similar to the formations and choreographies of microbes, cells and organelles in the eternal space of the microuniverse.
Daniela Brill Estrada - Our Celestial Bodies explores the parallels between our human bodies and the cosmic bodies: the origin of elements that connect us to the outer space. The piece plays with the chemical similarities and questions the differences between the viewer’s reality of their own body and the cosmos, its creation, beauty and grandeur.


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The uncertain straight
May 18, 2019, 19:00h
Oelweingasse 14, 1150 Vienna @ cuantico.campo