(c) Design: Maximilian Gallo

Latent Bones

Exhibition Volume II

2nd part of the exhibition by Art & Science first year Master Students in collaboration with BBMRI-ERIC




A large and classified collection of biological samples and related data, amassed primarily for medical research purposes.

The exhibition “latent bones” explores the relationships between our bodies, the biomaterial they consist of, and the systems and structures with which they are intertwined. It is a consortium of different perspectives, artistic and methodological practices through which we seek to cast new and old light on various matters regarding the body and its state: alive, dead, sleeping, or in stasis; integral or dissected; real or fictional. From these perspectives a diverse array of questions and lines of thought emerge, through which we reflect on the counter-effects of modernization, the ways we perceive and convey meaning to bodily matters, and how these are shaped through art, science and technology.

Mila Balzhieva, Barbara Böröcz, Maximilian Gallo, Christos Kyritopoulos-Ninas, Istem Özen

Exhibition Dates:
4 June, 18:00 (Opening)
5 – 7 June, 13:00 – 18:00


Fact Box

Latent Bones
June 04, 2019, 18:00h
Salzgries 14, 2nd Floor, 1010 Vienna