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Lecture by Michael Seeber

Opening the FILM WORKSHOP IN FUŽINE/LIČ/VRATA programme as part of our collaboration with the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020, Port of Diversity, within the flagship programme 27 Neighbourhoods (Programme Manager: Branka Cvjetičanin):

Film producer, director, scriptwriter, dramatic adviser – will hold a lecture at the Art & Science Studios!

Since 1990, Michael has produced over 40 documentaries, TV doc series and feature films, among them internationally successful and highly-awarded films such as Luna Papa, Bella Martha, The Venice Syndrome, Everyday Rebellion and A Good American (Executive Producer Oliver Stone). He wrote the scripts for several documentaries ( f.e. Food Design, Hot Spot, BEER!) and directed TV documentaries such as the Vienna episode of the TV series Food Markets. In the Belly of the Cities, which has been sold worldwide. Over the last years Michael has made himself an excellent international reputation as script consultant and dramatic adviser.

Michael was born in 1954 in Innsbruck (Austria) and studied Biochemistry. In 1988 he set up the Vienna-based film production company Prisma Filmproduktion. Since early 2007, he has been working as a freelance producer, director, dramatic adviser and scriptwriter, most recently in close cooperation with Golden Girls Filmproduktion, framelab Filmproduktion, blue+green communications, NGF Geyrhalter Filmproduktion etc. Since 2009, Michael has been working as a tutor and adviser for the European MEDIA training programme for script development SOURCES 2.

1987 he was awarded the Theodor Körner-Prize for Literature (Austria).
2013 he was awarded the Austrian Film Prize for the best documentary (The Trial by Gerald Igor Hauzenberger).
Michael is a member of the European Film Academy and the Austrian Film Academy.

Michael’s track record as a film producer includes a large number of successful creative documentaries, TV-documentations and feature films, such as (from a selection):

Postadresse 2640 Schlöglmühl (doc., D: Egon Humer), Schuld und Gedächtnis (doc., D: Egon Humer), Koshmar (doc., D: Heinz Stussak), Burn Out (TV doc., D: Egon Humer), Emigration N.Y. (doc., D: Egon Humer), Teddy Kollek (doc., D: Amos Kollek), Rest in Pieces (doc., D: Robert Pejo), Die totale Therapie (feat., D: Christian Frosch), Erwin Chargaff (TV doc., D: Ebba Sinzinger), Beresina (feat., D: Daniel Schmid), Luna Papa (feat., D: Bakhtiar Khoudojnazarov), Lovely Rita (feat., D: Jessica Hausner), Vollgas (feat., D: Sabine Derflinger), Bella Martha (feat., D: Sandra Nettelbeck), Aftermath (doc., D: Raphael Barth), Darkhead (doc., D: Arman T. Riahi), Mama Illegal (doc., D: Ed Moschitz), Everything Will Not be Good (doc., D: Arash T. Riahi), The Venice Syndrome (doc., D: Andreas Pichler), Food Markets. In the Belly of the City (TV doc series), Everyday Rebellion (doc., D: The Riahi Brothers), The Global Shopping Village (doc., D: Ulli Gladik) and A Good American (doc., D: Friedrich Moser, Executive Producer: Oliver Stone).

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October 29, 2019, 9:30h
Salzgries 14, 2nd Floor, 1010 Vienna – Art & Science Studios